Help STOP Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)

Unabashed Truth about AFFH, Protecting Property Rights and Local Government Authority

New rules from the Department of Housing & Urban Development

Timbers Conservatives #31 A Conservative Precinct Newsletter from Douglas County, CO August 2, 2015 The Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing Rules is a covert attempt to “economically integrate” virtually every community in every state. It “weaponizes” HUD analogous to what has happened with the DOJ, IRS and DHS. It represents a dramatic overreach of federal government Continue Reading

Obama Wants to Pick the Clintons’ Neighbors

The administration is forcing low-income housing into wealthy enclaves, whether or not anyone wants it Wall Street Journal By Jason L. Riley June 16, 2015 Bill and Hillary Clinton are popular with black voters, but that doesn’t mean the couple wants to live around them. And vice versa. This reality troubles President Obama, though his Continue Reading

Anti-Discrimination Center (ADC) Against Westchester County

More Socialist Crap here: Like more than a thousand other jurisdictions, Westchester County in New York has been a recipient of Community Development Block Grant and other federal housing funds. A condition to be eligible for federal housing grants is the promise to affirmatively further fair housing (AFFH); that is, to identify, analyze, and Continue Reading

This is the Bloodless Revolution Alinsky Wanted Marka Fogerty sent via email: This new HUD AFFH rule is the revolution ( the bloodless revolution )Alinsky wanted:  Every neighborhood taken over by committees of activists, lawyers, and Marxists with data on everyone which can be used to intimidate and force their quotas in the name of social justice and reparations and money.  Continue Reading