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HUD’s Taxpayer Disregard – Trump Administration Plans New Restrictions on Reverse Mortgages

HUD restrictions apply

Revealing more about how HUD disregards the interests of taxpayers.  Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson is peeling back layers of HUD’s onion, said through a spokesman that the reverse-mortgage program is seeing losses that require changes be made WSJ – Trump Administration Plans New Restrictions on Reverse Mortgages Mortgages help seniors supplement Continue Reading

HUD won’t like Pull Back of Apartment Boom

Pull back against HUD

HUD believes that if you don’t own property you are property, HUD’s property that is with cheap rental homes in the suburbs.  When it comes to AFFH HUD places no priority on honoring the property rights of homeowners who might object or local government authority for jurisdictions taking HUD grants. WSJ – Builders Pull Back Continue Reading

What Swedes Give Up for ‘Free’ Money

Free - from prison

What do the Swedes and socialist HUD have in common?  The comparison between childrearing and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing may be a stretch until you get to the last paragraph: Although the welfare state is often debated in economic terms, we have yet to put a price on self-determination or freedom of conscience. What I once Continue Reading

Compassionate letter to Elected-Official about his vote to accept HUD grants

compassion, hands together

Introductory email with letter attached: Donald, you should recognize most of the people on this email as friends and longtime supporters.  Each volunteered comments and spoke at the June 27, 2017 BOCC meeting objecting to Jefferson County accepting HUD grants.  All have contributed to the content of the attached letter either in writings, discussions, and Continue Reading

Colorado Marijuana Tax paid $16 million towards Affordable Housing in 2016

Marijuana, Welcome to Colorado

To put the amount in  perspective, the state of Colorado paid much more for affordable housing alone than HUD paid Denver, Colorado’s largest recipient of federal HUD grants, consisting of $11,333,541 for 2017 and $11,059,457 in 2016.  These are federal grants provided for everything from a bread basket to the kitchen sink.  These are HUD Continue Reading