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Free Enterprise Can Do it – Facebook to Start Building Homes


To shore up city support [a plan for 6,500 new employees in Menlo Park, CA], Facebook earlier this month made an unusual pledge for a tech company. It would build at least 1,500 units of housing, meant not specifically for Facebook employees, but for the general public. WSJ – Facebook’s Answer to Silicon Valley Housing Continue Reading

Independent Municipality Flexibility, in San Francisco!

San Francisco skyline

Introduction by Smith Young “:)”  Without HUD interference municipalities are showing some flexibility to get more units that are affordable to people.  San Francisco’s legislation is unusual in that it is designed to encourage the creation of units within apartment buildings as well as in single-family houses. WSJ: San Francisco’s New Housing: Nooks and Crannies Grappling with Continue Reading

HUD Wants it Both Ways, but Builders don’t Build Affordable Housing thanks to the Feds

luxury NY building

Introduction by Smith Young “:)” HUD AFFH mandates that communities accepting grants create opportunities for minorities (ref AFFH for Dummies), but builders say many of the new federal government requirements are well-meaning, but added up they translate to higher costs that are passed on to prospective purchasers.  Builders have also focused more on the move-up Continue Reading

Tom DeWeese – Social Justice is the name of the HUD’s game under AFFH

Class Warfare

“Introduction and editing by Smith Young “:)”  Below Tom clearly reinforces our opposition to AFFH message that communities should decline HUD grants, describing the affect AFFH is having on Baltimore County, Westchester County, and Portland.  In addition to the article below, for a webinar hosted by Tom DeWeese click and for AFFH specifics fast Continue Reading

Melting Pot Has Been Destroyed by Diversity


Simple introduction by Smith Young: This article exposes how liberals oppose tradition American assimilation while pushing HUD’s AFFH mandate for racial balancing.  Once again this liberal logic may sound inconsistent to oppose assimilation on one hand while supporting racial balancing on the other, but it’s consistent with this oppressive Obama government that promotes aggressive diverse enclaves who revel Continue Reading

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