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Reboundng and Finding Money after Community Declines HUD Grants


It was immediately apparent that a vacuum was created after Douglas County Colorado Board of Commissioners voted to decline taking HUD grants.  As part of the decision, a proposal was made to seek alternative sources of funds, specifically to evaluate the prospect of establishing a fund(s) for matching donations given to existing non-profit grant recipients. Continue Reading

Town of Castle Rock’s Letter About Declining HUD AFFH Funds

Intro by Smith Young “:)” This is an excellent letter from the City Council explaining reasons for town declining HUD CDBG funds. Douglas County, Town of Castle Rock, Office of the Towns Clerk, April 5, 2016 _____________________________________________________________ Reply To:  Audio Information Network of Colorado, Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, Crisis Center, Douglas County Housing Partnership, Elbert Task Continue Reading

Request to Formally Manage the AFFH 2016 Budget for the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) Submission

The following is a script presented to the Douglas County, CO, Board of Commissioners requesting formal management of the AFFH budget by Board of Commissioners February 16, 2016 Request to Formally Manage Budget for 2016 AFFH Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) Douglas County Board of Commissioners Business Meeting Citizen Comments Evelyn Zur, Presenter Parker, CO Continue Reading

Request for an AFFH Legal Defense Fund

The following is a script presented to the Douglas County, CO, Board of Commissioners requesting an AFFH Legal Defense Fund. February 16, 2016 Request an AFFH Legal Defense Fund Douglas County, CO, Board of Commissioners Business Meeting Citizen Comments Smith Young, Presenter Parker, CO Because of HUD’s new AFFH rule Douglas County is now much Continue Reading

Douglas County, CO Not Happy with HUD

Proactive Douglas County, Colorado is seeking to resolve issues with HUD’s AFFH Assessment Tool.  The county is one of 1200 entitlement communities that accept Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.  From what we can tell, HUD is not acknowledging issues. On September 22, 2015 Douglas County Commissioners made requests to: Senator Cory Gardner’s Senator Michael Continue Reading

Cities w/o Suburbs- Elected Officials w/o Power reduced to Puppets of the AFFH state

By Evelyn Zur Dear ELECTED OFFICIALS IN ALL OF DOUGLAS COUNTY  Our 3 Commissioners:  Dave Weaver, Roger Partridge,  Jill Repella, and the Good Town Council Members throughout Douglas County. Douglas County has a HUD TARGET ON it’s back…This time around…the HUD grants we have become accustomed to come as wolves wrapped in sheep’s clothing. HUD’s Continue Reading

Douglas County divvies up block-grant funds; no strings attached?

County officials concerned about HUD rules This is a reply to the article; click “Douglas County divies up block-grant funds” (or, by Shanna Fortier. Let’s be clear, “receiving” grants from the county’s political perspective is all about helping the truly needy (arguably barely over 1.5% of the total grant); on the other hand “giving” Continue Reading