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Lake County Board to approve CDBG grant compliant with HUD AFFH program

FiscalRangers By Vance Jochim, Tuesday, August 4, 2015   –    Tavares, FL (Lake County) The Lake County Board’s agenda for today’s Tuesday, August 4th 9am meeting includes a “consent” agenda (meaning it will not be discussed in the meeting and is approved automatically) item Tab 3 for the annual plan for CDBG Federal grants received by the Continue Reading

Obama’s HUD program moving forward to integrate low income residents into wealthier communities

Note from website: HUD has made much progress toward achieving its socialist goals since June 12 when this was posted, HUD officially published the AFFH rule in the federal register and now is in full scale execution mode since July 19, 2015.  See the link to Megyn Kelly on FoxNews below! Lake County Fiscal Rangers Continue Reading