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AFFH – Podcast Featuring Peter N. Kirsanow, Stanley Kurtz

This is a 1 hour in-depth discussion covering a wide range of AFFH issues by two leading AFFH experts. Stanley Kurtz, Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center, and the Honorable Peter N. Kirsanow, Commissioner, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, appointed by President Bush.  Term Expired in November 2013. Reappointed to USCCR by John Boehner, in Continue Reading

Town of Castle Rock’s Letter About Declining HUD AFFH Funds

Intro by Smith Young “:)” This is an excellent letter from the City Council explaining reasons for town declining HUD CDBG funds. Douglas County, Town of Castle Rock, Office of the Towns Clerk, April 5, 2016 _____________________________________________________________ Reply To:  Audio Information Network of Colorado, Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, Crisis Center, Douglas County Housing Partnership, Elbert Task Continue Reading

HUD Now Combining Housing with ObamaCare, Education, and more

Introduction by Smith Young “:)”  Has HUD exceeded it’s mandate?  Say it isn’t so!  John Anthony’s research in this article below shows: 1) Affordable Care Act has created new opportunities to combine housing and health fund 2) HUD is working with the Department of Education and explains why they are getting involved in education, 3) Continue Reading

Happening now; HUD, ISLAM, and the Radical Left

By Smith Young Derived from Wall Street Journal Opinion “ISLAM and the Radical West” by Bret Stephens, April 12, 2016. Bret Stephens declares that “The political orthodoxy of the left is the gateway drug to jihad”, but the orthodoxy he describes doesn’t end with jihad.  He recalls a chat with three young Muslims at Heathrow Continue Reading

Obama Tells Landlords, You Can’t Refuse Criminals

Introduction by Smith Young “):”  Let’s get this right, this new guidance allows landlords to refuse criminals convicted of drugs, but otherwise the guy applying to rent next door can be a convicted pedaphile, burglar, or anything else and the landlord can’t refuse to rent to him?  To avoid discrimination, this new guidance can now be Continue Reading

AFFH, a Gruber and HUD Language Technique to Confuse (or simply bore to tears)

By Smith Young:  It wasn’t that long ago when White House consultant and MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber described the length of ObamaCare legislation and its complexity as a “huge political advantage”.   There’s an abundance of evidence to accuse HUD of the same using Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) as a language torture technique to Continue Reading

Happening Now, Baltimore County Surrenders and HUD Takes Over in Affluent Baltimore Suburbs

Baltimore may have won the War of 1812 against the British but loses in HUD’s war against the suburbs. Edited by Smith Young “:)”   Without fighting to win in court Baltimore County has allowed the Department of Housing and Urban Development and its henchman the NAACP to follow through with a punishing indictment on the Continue Reading

HUD, the All Mighty Protector of Civil Rights Violates Freedom of Speech

President Obama’s new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation is arguably the most radical, transformative, and potentially controversial initiative that his administration has undertaken to date.  Maybe that’s why the mainstream press barely covers it. National Review by STANLEY KURTZ March 30, 2016 click Federal Tyranny Gags GOP in Hillary’s Backyard to go to the National Continue Reading