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Tom DeWeese – Social Justice is the name of the HUD’s game under AFFH

Class Warfare

“Introduction and editing by Smith Young “:)”  Below Tom clearly reinforces our opposition to AFFH message that communities should decline HUD grants, describing the affect AFFH is having on Baltimore County, Westchester County, and Portland.  In addition to the article below, for a webinar hosted by Tom DeWeese click and for AFFH specifics fast Continue Reading

Happening now; HUD, ISLAM, and the Radical Left

By Smith Young Derived from Wall Street Journal Opinion “ISLAM and the Radical West” by Bret Stephens, April 12, 2016. Bret Stephens declares that “The political orthodoxy of the left is the gateway drug to jihad”, but the orthodoxy he describes doesn’t end with jihad.  He recalls a chat with three young Muslims at Heathrow Continue Reading

Happening Now, Baltimore County Surrenders and HUD Takes Over in Affluent Baltimore Suburbs

Baltimore may have won the War of 1812 against the British but loses in HUD’s war against the suburbs. Edited by Smith Young “:)”   Without fighting to win in court Baltimore County has allowed the Department of Housing and Urban Development and its henchman the NAACP to follow through with a punishing indictment on the Continue Reading