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The Uneducated – How HUD Succeeds

Introduction by Smith Young “:)” HUD is squeezing out local government authority for the same reason Bernie Sanders has so many young socialist supporters.  Understanding U.S. history and defending principles of liberty with pride is becoming politically incorrect as it’s becoming fashionable to replace free enterprise with regulations. Wall Street Journal Few Top Schools Require History Majors Continue Reading

Help Wanted Now – Mobility Counselors

Introduction by Smith Young “:)” Seeking mobility counselors to either work directly for HUD or a surrogate; Republicans need not apply, Socialist Bernie Sanders supporters are especially encouraged.  As a counselor you will be responsible for primarily interviewing black and hispanic urban indigents currently receiving section 8 housing, but we are also seeking counselors sympathetic Continue Reading

Letter from Tom DeWeese and The American Policy Center

Hello, The war is growing over HUD’s outrageous new rule called “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH). This rule destroys neighborhoods, home values and private property rights. As I’ve reported to you before, through this rule HUD is strip searching every neighborhood in the nation to determine income levels, race and ethnic balance, even religious affiliations. Continue Reading