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Lewis County, WA, Shouldn’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Introduction by Smith Young “:)” Ignorance of the law is no excuse and the fact Lewis County, WA, Commissioners and town mayors are ignorant of the impact of the insultingly named Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule is typical for too many American communities.  Why should they be expected to be informed, neither Lewis County nor Continue Reading

What about HUD? WSJ reports DOJ Caught and Exposed by Judge

President Obama’s refusal to recognize the legal limits of his executive power has spread a culture of government lawlessness.  Does anyone believe Obama’s cancer hasn’t spread to HUD where an army of DOJ’s civil rights lawyers prosper, not to mention zealous surrogates.  As noted in the article below and not limited to attorney’s, the “deceit Continue Reading

Paralyzed Veterans of America, PVA – either Socialist, Anti-American, or just Ignorant

Veterans joined to defend and fight for liberty not leave the military to join a Socialist organization.  We’re about the truth not pulling any punches.  When did our paralyzed and wounded veterans become socialists, Ass_ _ _ _s Furthering Fair Housing, AFFH?  Answer is, they didn’t. Click PVA Urges you to Vote “No” on Senator Continue Reading

Sen. Mike Lee’s Amendment #3897 to prohibit funds for AFFH

Following is the rest of the story if you’re still unclear about the upcoming Senate vote after reading the two previous articles Lee Amendment Can Stop AFFH by Stanley Kurtz and The Senate Votes on AFFH this Week! by Sen. Mike Lee himself. First, nobody knows exactly when the Senate will be voting on the bill; it Continue Reading

The Senate Votes on AFFH this Week!

This week, the Senate will have a chance to fight back against this misguided power grab, by adopting an amendment to this year’s Transportation and Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill that would prohibit Department of Housing and Urban Development officials from spending any money to implement the new rule. THEDAILYSIGNAL We Don’t Need a Continue Reading

NYC Affordable Housing Resident Fears

Introduction by Smith Young “:)” Fear of navigating the ocean and falling off the edge of the earth was rational until discovering that the world isn’t flat.  Nothing wrong with that fear when based on an invalid premise and belief system which is the case for this report funded by a grant from the Urban Reporting Continue Reading