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Overregulation Is the Main Block to Affordable Housing


WSJ Opinion – Overregulation Is the Main Block to Affordable Housing Building anything where people want to live has become a nightmare because of government. Oct. 3, 2017 Granger MacDonald of the National Association of Home Builders (Letters, Sept. 22) responds to a Sept. 19 editorial that suggests “Kill the Loopholes, Including the One for Continue Reading

This ‘Loophole’ Is Vital to Housing the Poor … NOT!

LIHTC Loophole

Dear Mr. MacDonald, Chairman, National Home Builders Association (NHBA); yours is a carefully crafted letter (below), but your organization’s agenda speaks volumes before you say a word and then when you do speak you only endorse what the article describes as a subsidy for developers, investors and the financial industry.  Your assertion that the article, Continue Reading

Kill the Loopholes, Including the One for ‘Low-Income Housing’

kill tax loopholes, LIHTC

HUD, the AFFH rule, and HUDs surrogate Public Housing Authorities (PHA) get involved with LIHTC, IRS section 42 tax credits, when property management of a new low income housing project begins managing.  This is when the tidal wave of Section 8 voucher holders arrive and the list of applicants begins.  To be more PC HUD Continue Reading

Good News – A free market curb on subsidized low income multi-unit housing


Introduction by Smith Young “:)” Does anyone believe in the free market?  We need to let the it work.  The IRS Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) is another government instrument for the redistribution of wealth and the investor problem described in this article proves you can’t have it both ways.  LIHTC  a.k.a as Section 42 Continue Reading

NYC Affordable Housing Resident Fears

Introduction by Smith Young “:)” Fear of navigating the ocean and falling off the edge of the earth was rational until discovering that the world isn’t flat.  Nothing wrong with that fear when based on an invalid premise and belief system which is the case for this report funded by a grant from the Urban Reporting Continue Reading

Do “Low Income Housing Tax Credits” (LIHTC) Maintain Segregation?

Composed by Smith Young “:)”  Following are two opposing views on the insidious effect of subsidies and non-market based policies, first is the biased reporting from 1) Report on the Distribution of Low Income Housing Tax Credits in the New York City Region, and 2) unbiased empirical analysis by NYU’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Continue Reading

HUD Requesting Comments, due 5/23, on the AFFH Assessment Tool

This HUD trend of refining and reinforcing the AFFH rule confirms that any information provided to HUD will be used against our local communities.  That said, HUD is currently soliciting comments to the six questions below about the local government assessment tool, click  Consider how to reply, although the whole process is a sham, Continue Reading