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Overregulation Is the Main Block to Affordable Housing


WSJ Opinion – Overregulation Is the Main Block to Affordable Housing Building anything where people want to live has become a nightmare because of government. Oct. 3, 2017 Granger MacDonald of the National Association of Home Builders (Letters, Sept. 22) responds to a Sept. 19 editorial that suggests “Kill the Loopholes, Including the One for Continue Reading

It’s official – Westchester Beats Obama


It’s been a long time coming, but HUD finally folds because they were wrong. WSJ Opinion – Westchester Beats Obama The feds concede that the suburb’s zoning laws aren’t discriminatory. By The WSJ Editorial Board July 23, 2017 Westchester County Chief Executive Rob Astorino spent seven years fighting Obama-era Department of Housing and Urban Development Continue Reading

How HUD Makes Zoning Changes Through the Back Door

Back Door Open by AFFH

Introduction by Smith Young “):” This article is mistaken and malformed throughout, but it’s an excellent piece of literature on how an important topic can be massaged to present a convincingly false narrative.  Using evidence associated with this complex topic with many vested interests, the information below demonstrates how staff writers push an agenda, how Continue Reading

AFFH Uses Legal Actions Against Communities

Whitehall Township, PA

by John Anthony, Sustainable Freedom Lab If you want to know what will happen to your community if Trump fails to rein in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, look at Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania, the latest community to surrender to HUD’s aggressive tactics. Much of the chaos we see in America today is designed Continue Reading

Progressive Govt thinking on a “Fair Housing Mix”


This is not an easy read, understanding a Liberal never is.  Best to read this introduction subsequent to the article below and it will make more sense. You’re a liberal if you read and agree with the opportunities for federal incentives (grants) in the following editorial piece.  This article and the editorial staff are excellent Continue Reading

Will Obama Make Housing Affordable?

Introduction by Smith Young “:)” Randal O’Toole is a Cato Institute Senior Fellow working on urban growth, public land, and transportation issues.  Randal differentiates between affordable housing and housing affordability from a free market perspective, yes something Bernie Sanders and the Socialists couldn’t care less about.  In the article below, republished from his AntiPlanner website, Continue Reading

Wall Street Journal: Houston and Detroit Are Leading the Way in Urban Innovation without HUD

Edited by Smith Young “:)”, A fresh perspective from the WSJ on American cities Houston and Detroit showing how evolving cities are solving their problems with innovation without interference from HUD and the new AFFH rule.  The million dollar question is, what will happen when HUD begins implementing AFFH in Houston and Detroit?  Evidence appears to show that the trend of Continue Reading

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