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New Free Book on HUD’s 2015 AFFH rule, “Agency Tyranny”

A massively good deed for us all.  Thank you John Anthony. Agency Tyranny by John Anthony, today’s Paul Revere HUD’s 2015 rule, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing is poised to puncture the heart of Americans’ autonomy. Local rule and individual property rights are the core of our country’s unique citizen-dominant government.  Washington wants that power. HUD’s Continue Reading

Not only Housing, Justice Scalia’s Death and “Disparate Impact” Is a Blow to Crime Victims and Student Safety

(Edited by Smith Young with focus on SCOTUS “Disparate Impact” Ruling on AFFH) Your local (city and county) government fending off AFFH and protecting your property rights is the citizens last stand against federal government’s oversight.  The legal liability is much greater than advertised, see the current Rockford, IL fight. The effect of the 2015 “Disparate Continue Reading

HUD Setting the Stage for False Claims Lawsuits Against Jurisdictions that Fail to Comply

Property Value Defense is a nationwide network that informs community officials and legal experts of current news and activities involving HUD’s new rule, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. From time to time, I will call on individual members, only with their permission, to contact other communities to provide their officials with the benefit of your insights. Continue Reading