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Section 8 and Choosing a Place to Live

Choosing a place to live

Comment Denver Post Article published 03-28-2016

Read this and then see what HUD did to Debuque over section 8 housing:
How Obama’s HUD Hustles Dubuque, IA, and other Virgin Communities

It’s important to do your research before choosing a place to live. Lower cost apartments will almost always have Section 8 people living in them and the reality is that while a few Section 8 residents are good, respectable people of every race and background, the majority of Section 8 people are not good neighbors. Just look at that mess out in Green Valley Ranch the other day. It was like a Black Friday sale at Wal-Mart. They had to call out a dozen cops to keep the Section 8 people from causing a riot. Lovely neighbors they will make.

Wiltonguy45 DPThere are ways to protect yourself from finding yourself surrounded by bad neighbors.

1. There are caps on the amount of rent HUD will pay to on a Section 8 voucher. HUD also will not let a Section 8 person live in a complex where the voucher holder would have to pay more than 30% of their “income” towards rent.

These caps on rates are published on the HUD site for the state of Colorado. For example if you move into a complex where the lowest rent is say $1500 for a one bedroom, your safe, as HUD would not approve paying a voucher for that expensive of a one bedroom.

2. Call complexes and ask them if they take Section 8, if they say no, then check them out further, but if they say yes, keep on looking.

Also commenting on HUD mandates ‘affordable housing’ in affluent suburbs

This is not a new scam, this social engineering crap has been going on for decades and it has failed every step of the way. If you want to see what IS going to happen to your neighborhood I urge you to rent the excellent documentary “Spanish Lake” it is available on Amazon Prime. This heartbreaking film shows what happened when this same exact plan was implemented against the residents of Spanish Lake MO. This once robust middle class bedroom community (which had no social services or public transportation) was picked by political hacks at all levels to be the dumping ground for the poorest of poor from inner city St Louis. The government began buying up every piece of available land in Spanish Lake and gave it to their fat cat developer friends who built mass numbers of section 8 apartments. Within ten years, the town was destroyed. The school population quadrupled and the schools failed, residents fled the town which had become a hot bed of murders, gang violence and drugs overnight. Once luxury town homes and apartments became so dangerous police would not even respond to them. I’m going to vote Republican for the first time in my life so that Cruz or Trump will stop this and eliminate HUD once and for all. You also can see the results of this policy by googling “Tymber Skan Condos Orlando Florida” then click on images and scroll through them. This was the premier water front development in Orlando in the early 1970’s but by the early 1990’s some of the owners started renting to section 8 and you can see the results for yourself. It is unbelievable. Make sure you watch your local news and pay close attention to your local planning and zoning board meetings so you will know if they target your area. They will go for the areas of least resistance so make your voice heard and vote against ANYONE who supports this government take over of your town. Don’t be the next Spanish Lake

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