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Closed – HUD’s Thirty-Day Public Comment Period for AFH Assessment Tool


The comments below were submitted to HUD at the deadline yesterday 09-20-2016.  They don’t need much of an introduction, except to say such observations could only have only been uncovered by someone suspicious of HUD’s agenda and comments made by someone skeptical of the federal agencies tactics.  I guess that would be me. HUD provided Continue Reading

Progressive Govt thinking on a “Fair Housing Mix”


This is not an easy read, understanding a Liberal never is.  Best to read this introduction subsequent to the article below and it will make more sense. You’re a liberal if you read and agree with the opportunities for federal incentives (grants) in the following editorial piece.  This article and the editorial staff are excellent Continue Reading

Progressive Govt Thinking on the “Enduring legacy of segregation”


(Below) There’s so much to disagree with in this USA Today opinion piece by a HUD surrogate, Cathy Hinko, director of the Metropolitan Housing Coalition (MHC).  Beginning with the facts, the following is evidence opposed to Ms. Hinko provided by a government GAO report, Rep. Barney Frank, and a past president of the Center for Equal Continue Reading

Homeownership rate continues to decline


WSJ – Lopsided Housing Rebound Leaves Millions of People Out in the Cold Homeownership rate continues to decline due to credit issues, student loans and high rents By Laura Kusisto Updated Aug. 11, 2016 The housing recovery that began in 2012 has lifted the overall market but left behind a broad swath of the Continue Reading

HUD’s New Policies Threaten Tenants with Eviction

Eviction Notice

Section 8 tenants face higher rents and displacement.  Super vouchers , albeit not part of the affh rule, reveals the disruptive impact of HUD’s social engineering policies.   Sadly, the following is a new phenomena being brought about by HUD. San Francisco Bay BayView, a National Black Newspaper HUD policies threaten poor, elderly and disabled tenants Continue Reading