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Attention America’s Suburbs: You Have Just Been Annexed


Stanley Kurt quote: …by obligating all localities receiving HUD funding to compare their demographics to the region as a whole, AFFH effectively nullifies municipal boundaries. Even with no allegation or evidence of intentional discrimination, the mere existence of a demographic imbalance in the region as a whole must be remedied by a given suburb. Suburbs Continue Reading


HUD’s Final AFFH Rule as published in the Federal Registry July 16, 2015 “:(” Final AFFH Rule HUD No. 15-084 Heather Fluit (202) 708-0685 FOR RELEASE Wednesday July 8, 2015 HUD ANNOUNCES FINAL RULE ON AFFIRMATIVELY FURTHERING FAIR HOUSING  WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced a final rule Continue Reading