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Progressive Govt thinking on a “Fair Housing Mix”


This is not an easy read, understanding a Liberal never is.  Best to read this introduction subsequent to the article below and it will make more sense. You’re a liberal if you read and agree with the opportunities for federal incentives (grants) in the following editorial piece.  This article and the editorial staff are excellent Continue Reading

Progressive Govt Thinking on the “Enduring legacy of segregation”


(Below) There’s so much to disagree with in this USA Today opinion piece by a HUD surrogate, Cathy Hinko, director of the Metropolitan Housing Coalition (MHC).  Beginning with the facts, the following is evidence opposed to Ms. Hinko provided by a government GAO report, Rep. Barney Frank, and a past president of the Center for Equal Continue Reading

The Assessment of Fair Housing, AFH, Tool

On 12/31/2015 HUD provided notice of the availability of the Assessment Tool.  The unofficial estimate to complete is 250 hours (and not by the lowest pay grade). Assessment-of-Fair-Housing-Tool which can be compared, change by change, with the original version; in HUD speak: A comparison of the Final Assessment Tool to the Option B version of the Revised Assessment Continue Reading

HUD releases response(s) on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Assessment Tool

Federal Registry, December 31, 2015, HUD releases response on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Assessment Tool. In spite of numerous requests for information, HUD refused to provide any status about Douglas County comments made about the AFFH rule.  Finally HUD graciously provides information, but was unresponsive until it was ready, typical of our 4th branch of Continue Reading

AFFH Data Mapping Tool (AFFHT)

On 12/31/2015 HUD provided notice of the availability of the AFFH Data Mapping Tool.  In order to access and view AFFHT requires a PC or mobile device with a supported browser and Internet access.  The site to logon  to AFFHT is   (Go ahead, try it yourself.)  Only AFFH program participants (e.g., PHA or CDBG or HOME Continue Reading