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Cities w/o Suburbs- Elected Officials w/o Power reduced to Puppets of the AFFH state

By Evelyn Zur Dear ELECTED OFFICIALS IN ALL OF DOUGLAS COUNTY  Our 3 Commissioners:  Dave Weaver, Roger Partridge,  Jill Repella, and the Good Town Council Members throughout Douglas County. Douglas County has a HUD TARGET ON it’s back…This time around…the HUD grants we have become accustomed to come as wolves wrapped in sheep’s clothing. HUD’s Continue Reading

Weekly Standard: Coercive Federalism and Westchester County

Click “Coercive Federalism” article, Weekly Standard, 26 October 26, 2015 By Terry Eastland Some 45 municipalities and communities make up Westchester County, the prosperous, heavily Democratic jurisdiction just north of New York City whose most famous residents are Bill and Hillary Clinton. Like many localities across the country, Westchester has long been a recipient of Continue Reading

Douglas County divvies up block-grant funds; no strings attached?

County officials concerned about HUD rules This is a reply to the article; click “Douglas County divies up block-grant funds” (or, by Shanna Fortier. Let’s be clear, “receiving” grants from the county’s political perspective is all about helping the truly needy (arguably barely over 1.5% of the total grant); on the other hand “giving” Continue Reading

Video Explains a Passionate Westchester Experience with AFFH

Westchester Commissioner Robert Astorino passionately explains HUD’s takeover. This video clearly explains the impact of the AFFH rule As an additional treat, and following slide is HUD’s not so passionate explanation in HUD’s language, but you’ll need the following definitions of acronyms to understand government speak.  Written to make you understand there’s so much to look Continue Reading

Summarizing Impact of the AFFH Rule, as considered by the Town of Parker

October 11, 2015 Letter Summarizing the Impact of the AFFH Rule As considered by The Town of Parker, CO INTENDED AUDIENCE: Colorado elected officials, policy makers, and support staff PREREQUISITE: A minimal understanding of the new HUD AFFH Rule (suggest ) RE: / Letter of Understanding sent to Mayor and Town of Parker Council Continue Reading

2014 Questionnaire for HUD’s Initiative on Removal of Regulatory Barriers

This “America’s Affordable Communities Initiative” HUD questionnaire should help answer questions you might have if you’re looking for evidence of HUD’s conspiracy to manipulate local and state governments land use, e.g., building codes. This is a questionnaire addressed to any and every legal entity that that can receive or apply for housing project applications. Note Continue Reading

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