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Request to Formally Manage the AFFH 2016 Budget for the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) Submission

The following is a script presented to the Douglas County, CO, Board of Commissioners requesting formal management of the AFFH budget by Board of Commissioners February 16, 2016 Request to Formally Manage Budget for 2016 AFFH Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) Douglas County Board of Commissioners Business Meeting Citizen Comments Evelyn Zur, Presenter Parker, CO Continue Reading

Cities w/o Suburbs- Elected Officials w/o Power reduced to Puppets of the AFFH state

By Evelyn Zur Dear ELECTED OFFICIALS IN ALL OF DOUGLAS COUNTY  Our 3 Commissioners:  Dave Weaver, Roger Partridge,  Jill Repella, and the Good Town Council Members throughout Douglas County. Douglas County has a HUD TARGET ON it’s back…This time around…the HUD grants we have become accustomed to come as wolves wrapped in sheep’s clothing. HUD’s Continue Reading