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Cities w/o Suburbs- Elected Officials w/o Power reduced to Puppets of the AFFH state

By Evelyn Zur

Dear ELECTED OFFICIALS IN ALL OF DOUGLAS COUNTY  Our 3 Commissioners:  Dave Weaver, Roger Partridge,  Jill Repella, and the Good Town Council Members throughout Douglas County.

Douglas County has a HUD TARGET ON it’s back…This time around…the HUD grants we have become accustomed to come as wolves wrapped in sheep’s clothing. HUD’s new toolkit…the AFFH 377 page rule book will guarantee they accomplish their diabolical plan to transform our community….invasion of the low income subsidized city dwellers into our neighborhood. It is a unnatural way to force diversity ….a slow poisonous death for our community. This is my humble effort to assist a growing group of alarmed residence to WAKE UP more of our neighbors and ALL OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. We must understand the new ruling puts us in a slow boil, so deceitful and so slow that “WE” the proverbial FROG fail to jump out before it is too late.

You ask….what’s different about these new HUD AFFH block grants? It’s the “NEW” rules that come with the $$$?. We’ve been trained to take back our $$$ historically without dire consequences……just getting back our own money…why not? Why is Douglas County being singled out? Here’s Why: Julian Castro, Obama’s new HUD Czar has plans for our community that no one in Douglas county would want if they knew the agenda being brought to our community and 1200 others like ours across the nation…communities targeted as TOO WHITE, TOO AFFLUENT, TOO CONSERVATIVE. Obama’s Czar won’t let this stand. Accepting HUD $$ this time around will force “unnatural” diversification. It is part of the larger diabolical plan to Transform America happening right here in our own neighborhoods. The long term consequences are not so obvious upfront, but Douglas County elected officials and Naive or uninformed residence will rue the day they unknowingly fell for the deception.

Intelligent people Do not have to fall in the same traps others do. Intelligent people can learn from others mistakes. All we need to do is study what HUD did to Westchester County, NY. Westchester County was the PETRI DISH, the “test run” for what is barreling down on Douglas County. AFTER 6 LONG YEARS OF FIGHTING BACK TO PRESERVE PROPERTY RIGHTS, LOCAL ZONING LAWS, “ELECTED” Official’s “AUTHORITY”, endless 3rd party LAWSUITS, PROPERTY TAXES through the roof up as much as 200%, WESTCHESTER COUNTY SAID….SCREW IT…KEEP THE HUD MONEY….WE DON’T WANT YOUR STINKING HUD MONEY ANYMORE.

Can Douglas County learn from Westchester County? or are we blindly headed down the same rotten road…..destined to repeat the catastrophe….YET AVOIDABLE AT THIS EARLY STAGE. Let’s gear up, time is short.

THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE OURSELVES FROM THE SLOW BOIL POT, HEATING UP, TO COOK US BEFORE WE REALIZE IT’S TOO LATE, BEFORE OUR COMMUNITY IS TRANSFORMED into something unrecognizable …CITIES W/O SUBURBS….the ALINSKYITE’S “UTOPIAN “BIBLE” for the Middle Class. Unless we wake to the danger, We can look forward to Regional planning boards MINUS local control, MINUS local zoning, massively increased taxes to support yet another failed social experiment. That is what is in store for Douglas County going forward if we insist upon taking AFFH HUD $$$ because in the short run it looks too painful not to. We don’t know what serious community pain looks like yet. Just ask Westchester County.

WE MUST NOT TAKE THE MONEY…WE MUST NOT TAKE THE MONEY…WE MUST NOT TAKE THE MONEY.. HUD $$$ should be Returned because our elected officials were ask to vote on it before knowing what was in it. Sound familiar? Nancy Pelosi: We must pass Obamacare so can can find out what’s in it. We are not alone, others across the nation are waking to the same nightmare we are and gearing up to stop the transformation of the Middle class.

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