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This ‘Loophole’ Is Vital to Housing the Poor … NOT!

LIHTC Loophole

Dear Mr. MacDonald, Chairman, National Home Builders Association (NHBA); yours is a carefully crafted letter (below), but your organization’s agenda speaks volumes before you say a word and then when you do speak you only endorse what the article describes as a subsidy for developers, investors and the financial industry.  Your assertion that the article, Continue Reading

Kill the Loopholes, Including the One for ‘Low-Income Housing’

kill tax loopholes, LIHTC

HUD, the AFFH rule, and HUDs surrogate Public Housing Authorities (PHA) get involved with LIHTC, IRS section 42 tax credits, when property management of a new low income housing project begins managing.  This is when the tidal wave of Section 8 voucher holders arrive and the list of applicants begins.  To be more PC HUD Continue Reading

AT Least A Quarter Of Every Tax Dollar For HUD Grants Wasted

government waste, dollars as toilet paper2

In addition to waste, there’s no mention of AFFH legal liabilities and HUD’s overreach on local government authority.  Recall that insultingly misnamed Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, AFFH, rule has nothing to do with affordable housing! Daily Caller –  AT Least A Quarter Of Every Tax Dollar For HUD Grants May Be Wasted Ethan Barton Investigative Continue Reading