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AFFH: What You Need to Know to Keep Up With the Latest Right-Wing Outrage

Editors note: This is how the other side thinks:  Conservatives have a whole laundry list of stuff they’re outraged about: Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Agenda 21, Obamaphones, etc. etc. So what’s the latest from the right wing? Stanley Kurtz tells us: Conservative opinion has been alive with outrage over AFFH for a month now. Huh. Never Continue Reading

Before AFFH there was the Fair Housing Act

Roger Clegg, President of the Center for Equal Opportunity, wrote “The government should not be requiring, encouraging, or permitting the use of racial and ethnic classifications and race- and ethnicity-based decision making in order to achieve a particular racial and ethnic mix” And we need AFFH because? The federal Fair Housing Act protects seven classes Continue Reading