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HUD Now Combining Housing with ObamaCare, Education, and more

Introduction by Smith Young “:)”  Has HUD exceeded it’s mandate?  Say it isn’t so!  John Anthony’s research in this article below shows: 1) Affordable Care Act has created new opportunities to combine housing and health fund 2) HUD is working with the Department of Education and explains why they are getting involved in education, 3) Continue Reading

Not only Housing, Justice Scalia’s Death and “Disparate Impact” Is a Blow to Crime Victims and Student Safety

(Edited by Smith Young with focus on SCOTUS “Disparate Impact” Ruling on AFFH) Your local (city and county) government fending off AFFH and protecting your property rights is the citizens last stand against federal government’s oversight.  The legal liability is much greater than advertised, see the current Rockford, IL fight. The effect of the 2015 “Disparate Continue Reading

The Foolish Wisdom of Cities

by Smith Young, HUD and DPS want it both ways In an attempt to provide affordable low income housing everywhere the Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD, city policy makers, and even educators, i.e., in Denver Public Schools, DPS, want to force integration by attracting minorities to the suburbs while attracting whites into the Continue Reading

Obama’s Endgame

Excerpt from: American Thinker – “Obama’s Endgame” Eileen Toplansky, July 13, 2015 (3 days before the AFFH rule was posted in the Federal Register, becoming official policy) In essence, the AFFH “gives the federal government a lever to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood – imposing a preferred racial and ethnic composition, densifying housing, transportation, and Continue Reading