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Paralyzed Veterans of America, PVA – either Socialist, Anti-American, or just Ignorant

Veterans joined to defend and fight for liberty not leave the military to join a Socialist organization.  We’re about the truth not pulling any punches.  When did our paralyzed and wounded veterans become socialists, Ass_ _ _ _s Furthering Fair Housing, AFFH?  Answer is, they didn’t.

Click PVA Urges you to Vote “No” on Senator Lee’s Anti-Civil Rights Amendment to review the cheap shot memo distributed by the PVA organization supporting Sen. Collins which is an outright misrepresentation of Senator Lee’s amendment.

We have no idea of how widespread this memo was distributed, but it’s a disgusting and reprehensible issuance of a totally maligned piece of socialist propaganda.   It instigated a polite, but uncomfortable, confrontation between Senators Mike Lee and the liberal Susan Collins described below, but give us a break, sympathy for paralyzed veterans doesn’t mean giving up our opposition to HUD, a socialist system of central government planning and control.

This secret under handed, apparently “members only” memo can not be found on the official website.  How many incidents like this does it take for the Paralyzed Veterans of America organization to qualify as a corrupt organization?  Sure I’m upset with their agenda, but I can promise you that if I were to become paralyzed, as a veteran I would not join PVA and become an anti-American socialist.

Lee and Collins’ disagreement over the issue led to a tense moment Wednesday during the Steering Committee lunch, which the Utah senator hosts. Collins distributed a flyer from the Paralyzed Veterans of America urging lawmakers to “vote ‘no’ on Senator Lee’s anti-civil rights amendment!” Lee confronted Collins about the memo, according to two sources familiar with the exchange, asking if she meant to suggest he is a racist.

“She didn’t engage, which was smart,” a GOP senator who attended the lunch told the Washington Examiner. “She didn’t even try to make the obvious point which is, ‘I didn’t write this.'”

The fellow senator suggested that the exchange might have backfired on Lee in the moment, before adding that the fight wouldn’t have any “lasting impact” on their relationship or stature in the conference. “He was just offended by what this group said and Susan responded appropriately by not really engaging,” the senator said. “She talked about the substance of it, but she didn’t… she was polite.”


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