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AFFH, a Gruber and HUD Language Technique to Confuse (or simply bore to tears)

By Smith Young:  It wasn’t that long ago when White House consultant and MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber described the length of ObamaCare legislation and its complexity as a “huge political advantage”.   There’s an abundance of evidence to accuse HUD of the same using Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) as a language torture technique to leverage its agenda demonstrating that obscurity is the best political strategy, particularly for AFFH.  As a political tactic, AFFH, like ObamaCare exhibits the benefits of keeping government legislation and regulation so “obscure” as to confuse (or simply bore to tears) the voting public.  And don’t forget it was Gruber who said to do all this because voters are stupid as he explained the lack of transparency in selling the law to have it pass.
However, AFFH goes further adding racism to obscurity.  Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino points out that activists and government officials are quick to label as racist anyone who speaks out against HUD and its complicated AFFH policy.  “They throw the race card around to silence dissent,” he said. “But this country is about due process and the right to assemble.” 
This website seeks to expose HUD’s hideous agenda to alter housing patterns that are the result of numerous complex factors other than intentional racism using 100-pages of federal regulations, the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Policy”.  AFFH requires HUD program participants a.k.a. entitlement communities or grant recipients, to take measures intended to force racial diversity to the point that each zip code reflects the population of the area at large.
The following (old) article is an excellent reference for Gruber’s AFFH torture technique,
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