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This (AFFH) is Scary


New HUD Rules Take Aim at Segregated Housing

Wall Street Journal
By Laura Kusisto

This is scary, and for ALL involved parties.  Law-abiding net taxpayers simply won’t stand for it, and no small number of local law enforcement won’t enforce it.  Having worked in politics and marketing for 3o+ years, and extensively studied U. S. and world history, I know that there’s an even greater danger lurking here: the violence that this policy’s implementation will likely cause.  This will be particularly profound if such upheaval is forced on certain ‘Red’ Congressional districts in ‘Red’ states.  I hope I’m wrong, but time will probably prove me right.  Having worked for two Presidents, and the FBI, I have tremendous respect for the office.  And while I’m no fan of Barack Obama, I strongly condemn any and all who may wish him ANY harm.  But such calculating sickos exist.  That said, I wish someone would tell Mr. Obama he could find himself in dire danger as a direct result of this ill-advised policy.  I’m 100 percent serious, and am truly concerned.

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