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Homeownership rate continues to decline


WSJ – Lopsided Housing Rebound Leaves Millions of People Out in the Cold Homeownership rate continues to decline due to credit issues, student loans and high rents By Laura Kusisto Updated Aug. 11, 2016 The housing recovery that began in 2012 has lifted the overall market but left behind a broad swath of the Continue Reading

Construction Unions Align with Opposition Against AFFH!

Union against soldiers

Certainly not by design, but for different reasons labor unions are opposing AFFH and high density, affordable housing! WSJ – Construction Unions Stymie Low-Income Housing Plans in California, New York Stiff resistance centers on notion that government shouldn’t aid development without guaranteeing union-level wages By ELIOT BROWN Updated Aug. 28, 2016 Legislative efforts in two Continue Reading

Fickled Wall Street Journal Articles on Homeownership

undecided, fickled

We want widespread homeownership in America and it should be a national objective because if you don’t own property, you are property, and HUD uses renters as pawns in a corrupt chess game to fulfill their racist agenda.  Support for property rights is a cornerstone of local governments. There are two WSJ articles below.  Who Continue Reading

The Venezuela Tragedy Could Never Happen Here in the United States – a Video

We the People

Propaganda?  No, this very real.  Could this be coming to a neighborhood near you thanks to Obama’s progressive policies that would be continued by Hillary with the generosity of the Clinton Foundation? Venezuela is Latin America and this is the United States where such a tragedy could never happen, right?  This is a video about what happened Continue Reading

Houston Mayor Opposes Housing Authority’s Plan For ‘Mixed Income’ Complex

Houston skyline

It’s not what the headline purports, the mayor’s main objection is that each unit would cost $240,000 and only 10 percent of the apartments would be reserved for low-income residents. Houston Mayor Opposes Housing Authority’s Plan For ‘Mixed Income’ Complex In Galleria Area AL ORTIZ, AUGUST 4, 2016 The apartment complex planned by the Houston Continue Reading

HUD’s Challenge – Implementing AFFH While Interfering with the Evolution of Free Enterprise

More U.S. Cities, Downtown is a Center of Economic Strength, WSJ

Introduction by Smith Young “:)”  See WSJ article below and related WSJ article , click The Carving Out of the Urban Middle Class and use buttons to see demographic changes in median household income for 1970, 1990, and 2014.  The changes are amazing showing three examples of U.S. cities where concentrated wealth has risen next to Continue Reading