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Statement on Ben Carson Confirmation as HUD Secretary

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by Vann Ellison

For release: 03.02.17
Contact: or 301.704.1363

The following statement is from Vann Ellison who runs regional homeless shelter, feeding ministry and drug rehab programs.

“For eight years the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has strayed badly from it mission.  When it does focus on homelessness and poverty it has emphasized warehousing people with little thought to outcomes of whether people become self-sufficient as a result of public housing benefits.

“In Senate confirmation hearings, Ben Carson talked repeatedly about taking a holistic approach addressing human needs that cause homelessness.  That work will take place locally, not in Washington D.C. I look forward to HUD being relevant on the fight on poverty.  This is a fight conservatives can win, and we need an accomplished physician who can diagnose and fix HUD’s problems more than someone with a government resume who accepts the status quo.”


Vann Ellison, St. Matthew’s House: New Solutions for Fighting Poverty, Homelessness, Drug Abuse

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