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Not for Dummies, Extreme Coverage of AFFH

War on Suburbs: Obama, Julian Castro Rev Up Affirmative Action Housing, by Michael Patrick Leahy July 29, 2015 President Obama and a famous Castro brother are uniting to subjugate American suburbs with the unlawful “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule,” (AFFH) and no one in the mainstream media seems to care. The Castro in question Continue Reading

Handout to HOA: Alert to Douglas County Residents

The following is intended for use by activists attending HOA meetings.  Copy into Word, modify, and print copies for distribution.   Alert to Douglas County Residents  As concerned citizens, we feel our local officials need to be alerted to a massive Federal takeover of our communities  As of July 16, 2015, HUD has a new Continue Reading

Where are the other candidates? Jeb Bush Asserts he will Slash Regulations

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Marco Rubio is a cosponsor of Senate bill S1909 opposing AFFH and Ben Carson wrote an article in the Washington Times comparing AFFH to busing during the 1970’s. We are not promoting Bush’s candidacy, but in this article published in the Wall Street Journal 23 September, “How I’ll Slash the Regulation Tax”, Jeb says he’ll Continue Reading

Video of Town of Castle Rock, CO saying NO voting 5-1 against AFFH

click: The Town of Castle Rock votes 5 – 1 against taking AFFH CDBG money.  The above web page link has a narrative both opposing and advocating AFFH and is primarily provided for you to view the videos. A few clips from last night’s Castle Rock town council meeting after the jump. You can Continue Reading

Withholding HUD Funds a Possibility For Cities That Criminalize Homelessness News from Austin, TX By Joy Diaz • Sep 10, 2015 click here for article And, as part of the celebrations, HUD Secretary Julian Castro visited the University of Texas at Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs Wednesday.  The secretary said if HUD wants to be more effective in eradicating disparity and inequality, it Continue Reading