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Thank You Mark Levin; not a Conservative nor a Liberal Issue

Click here to listen: Mark Levin Blasts Obama’s Race Database Mark, thank you for your “Blast” on July 20 about “Obama’s Race Database”. That blast inspired me to create this website about the new HUD Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, AFFH, rule. In addition to alerting a number of local conservatives, two days ago the Continue Reading

What can the Homeowner who cares greatly about their neighborhood do?

Published: By: Smith Young Now that AFFH is official, opposition is not going to be a flash in the pan movement; it has just begun.  Certainly media is critical, and eliminating “racial imbalance” may be the end game for some, but engaging in this war against federal and local community governments is going to Continue Reading

Obama’s HUD program moving forward to integrate low income residents into wealthier communities

Note from website: HUD has made much progress toward achieving its socialist goals since June 12 when this was posted, HUD officially published the AFFH rule in the federal register and now is in full scale execution mode since July 19, 2015.  See the link to Megyn Kelly on FoxNews below! Lake County Fiscal Rangers Continue Reading

5 Policy Maker Objectives for Douglas County

A a targeted HUD locality should take action to decline future federal HUD subsidies.  This will set some elected officials on their heels, but the reason is that the subsidies will be used as blackmail to make us hostages for compromising our zoning laws; county and city municipalities, when HUD begins imposing their demands for Continue Reading

Westchester violated affordable housing settlement, faces big fines

Iohud, The Journal News By Elizabeth Ganga, May 8, 2015 Taxpayer money is at stake. (Photo: TJN File) The monitor overseeing Westchester’s fair housing settlement said Friday that the county has violated the settlement and could be fined $60,000 a month, be held in contempt and forced to build more affordable housing. In a Continue Reading

Court ruling a victory for Westchester

IOHUD, The Journal News February 27, 2015 A federal court ruling that limits HUD’s power is a major win for Westchester, which has challenged the federal agency’s demand to rezone communities. (Photo: Carucha L. Meuse/The Journal New) Story Highlights This fight is not about money but about the rule of law, says Astorino. Westchester’s legal Continue Reading