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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 25, 2015 APPEALS COURT SAYS “NO FINDING” WESTCHESTER ENGAGED IN HOUSING DISCRIMINATION Astorino says ruling vindicates fight to protect home rule and local zoning In a major vindication for all of Westchester County’s municipalities, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit said in a ruling issued today that Continue Reading

Where are the other candidates? Jeb Bush Asserts he will Slash Regulations

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Marco Rubio is a cosponsor of Senate bill S1909 opposing AFFH and Ben Carson wrote an article in the Washington Times comparing AFFH to busing during the 1970’s. We are not promoting Bush’s candidacy, but in this article published in the Wall Street Journal 23 September, “How I’ll Slash the Regulation Tax”, Jeb says he’ll Continue Reading

Thanks to Federal Assistance, Low-Income Americans Live in Luxury Apartments in Chicago

Obama with smirking Julian Castro, HUD Secretary         THEDAILYSIGNAL, Sep 8, 2015 By Vanessa Calder, (click here for article) The U.S. inspector general estimates that 25,226 households occupying public housing units exceed the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD)’s 2014 eligibility income limits. In New York City, one household was making an Continue Reading

3 Cities Are Looking for Their “Goldilocks” Affordable Housing Solutions

Next City By Alexis Stephens | July 10, 2015 HUD Secretary Julián Castro had a busy day in Chicago on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) When large-scale housing interventions come from government — whether a city’s housing task force or the head of HUD — there’s inevitably going to be people who say the government is Continue Reading