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Dr. Ben Carson and Unraveling HUD’s Socialist AFFH Web

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Dr. Ben Carson, HUD Secretary To-Be, has a clear and unbiased view of HUD’s AFFH programs as social engineering.

HUD and AFFH under Obama have become a proxy for opportunity under the government’s umbrella, i.e., HUD as the “opportunity agency” now exists with an unjustified mission to collaborate with EPA, DOT, as well as offering support to USDA and FEMA under the socialist Partnership of Sustainable Communities (PSC) to undo discrimination.

Liberals argue that HUD’s social engineering is justified to offset deliberate (cough, cough) social engineering (free enterprise system) that created the patterns of housing segregation and inadequate opportunities that have disadvantaged working-class and poor people of color over generations.  Restrictive covenants that excluded non-whites; redlining poor areas so they couldn’t receive mortgages or insure property; highway policies that obliterated city neighborhoods and spread housing opportunity to the distant suburbs, unreachable without a car (and often inhospitable to those who weren’t white); this is what generations of discriminatory “social engineering” created, which HUD is now trying to undo.

You’re naive and vulnerable if you believe the above lie, but regardless of your perspective on HUD propaganda it should be obvious as an informed citizen that HUD and its overreaching AFFH regulations need to be stopped and unplugged from influencing local governments authority and its invasion of property rights.

HUD needs to be reigned in, it’s beyond HUD’s mission as the opportunity agency to collaborate with EPA, DOT, USDA, and FEMA targeting access to transportation, jobs, grocery stores, and schools.  Dr. Ben Carson gets it and we can only hope that he’s successful in unraveling Obama’s socialist web.

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