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A Quick Look at the HUD Data and Mapping Tool

by Smith Young

The figure below illustrates the new AFFH Data and Mapping Tool, e.g., including “Demographics and Transit” that will be used to compare a locality with it’s associated region to eliminate “racial imbalances” by Assessment, not by the previous process of Analysis of Impediments (AI) used to identify discrimination.  The current process is NOT based on discrimination.

As stated below by HUD, additional maps can be arbitrarily introduced.

“is the beta test version of the HUD AFFH Data and Mapping Tool. It is intended to help facilitate comments on the AFFH Assessment Tool for the 30-Day Public Comment period under the Paperwork Reduction Act.

The final version of the Data and Mapping tool will include additional functionality that is not yet available in this current version. HUD will also be conducting additional quality assurance and data validation before the final tool is released.”

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Map Types used  by Tool


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