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Where are the other candidates? Jeb Bush Asserts he will Slash Regulations

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Marco Rubio is a cosponsor of Senate bill S1909 opposing AFFH and Ben Carson wrote an article in the Washington Times comparing AFFH to busing during the 1970’s.

We are not promoting Bush’s candidacy, but in this article published in the Wall Street Journal 23 September, “How I’ll Slash the Regulation Tax”, Jeb says he’ll repeal the coal ash rule, the clean water rule, net neutrality, and much more. Presumably that would also include slashing the AFFH rule, his reasoning below is valid:

  • Regulations will be issued only if they address a major market or policy failure. Regulators will be directed to favor private and state-driven solutions unless it is clear that federal intervention is necessary and appropriate.
  • Since Mr. Obama took office, new regulations have resulted in an additional 443 million hours of paperwork each year for Americans. All told, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s 2015 report on the federal regulatory state, regulations impose a $1.88 trillion silent tax on the U.S. economy each year—that’s nearly $15,000 per family.
  • As early as possible, I promise to roll back many of the most reckless and damaging rules promulgated under President Obama.
  • Most important, as president, I will be guided by the faith that we are a nation of free men and women who are capable of achieving far more than liberals and regulators believe possible. Once we remove the burdens of overregulation.


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