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New rules from the Department of Housing & Urban Development

Timbers Conservatives #31

A Conservative Precinct Newsletter from Douglas County, CO
August 2, 2015

The Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing Rules is a covert attempt to “economically integrate” virtually every community in every state. It “weaponizes” HUD analogous to what has happened with the DOJ, IRS and DHS. It represents a dramatic overreach of federal government which must be stopped before it gains legs. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 was one of the first legislative attempts to eliminate discrimination from the housing industry. About three years ago, the Obama Administration began to draft new definitions and rules regarding “fairness” in the housing industry. By ‘conflating’ the ideas of class and race in the housing market, and harnessing another notion of “persistent concentrated poverty” it concocted a plan to re-write local zoning rules of suburban residential communities. Taking Taxpayer money, wrapping them in ‘Block Grants” and offering them to local government – with strings attached. Whether large or small, these block grants represent contractual agreements with the federal government to provide low-income housing in up-scale residential districts.

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