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Talking Points

As concerned citizens, we feel our local officials need to be alerted to this threat of federal takeover, the affect of not heating up the water so fast that the frog jumps out of the pan, specifically, the new rule:

  • Expose our community to millions in lawsuits when either HUD or third party disagree with local government analysis using the new AFFH tool
  • Rob local control from the elected officials we know and instead hand it over to local government employees under the thumb and supervision of DC bureaucrats
  • Will increase taxes by requiring our communities to expand and build an infrastructure for low income housing that strains our highways, and schools, etc. and in some cases extends the cities with light rail
  • Destroys our property values

Following is the short list of problems reported during the 30-day review period after the new AFFH rule went into affect July 16, 2015:

  1. HUD is attempting to impose requirements that go beyond what the 1968 Fair Housing Act demands
  2. The new rule attempts to block private choice and the history of American growth in establishing new residential patterns
  3. Considering statistical data relating to issues remotely related to housing such as education and transportation
  4.  Race baiting analysis and response of demographic data that should instead be colorblind